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Your Claim and COVID-19 Disaster Assistance

According to the fourth revision of the Emergency Message EM-21068 “Instructions for Reopening and Reevaluating SSI Claims Denied due to

” you may be able to get your benefits started again without having to reapply. People who lost their Supplemental Security Benefits (“SSI”) due to Stimulus or other disaster-related income will have an opportunity to have their benefits restarted. This is true even if the time for filing an appeal has lapsed. The Emergency Message (“EM”) indicates that much pandemic-related financial assistance is to be defined as “emergency assistance” that will not count as countable income or resources. In order to receive SSI benefits, your income or resources (i.e. money in your bank account) cannot exceed SSI limits. For many people, approximately 144,000, their benefits were ended due to the “emergency assistance” that they received.

SSA started sending out “outreach mailers” to affected SSI recipients on November 19, 2021. The mailing of the “outreach mailers” automatically triggers a reopening of your case and there is no time limit for you to respond. Just remember, the sooner you respond, the sooner your benefits will resume. Even if you do not receive an “outreach mailer” you can call the Social Security Administration office (800-772-1213) regarding reopening to request they reopen your case.

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