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What can be done about the cost of medical records for my Social Security Disability case?

Presently the law in Tennessee states that when medical records are needed in a social security disability case for an “indigent person” hospitals are to supply the medical records at no charge if the request is accompanied by a copy of a recent application or a decision denying Social Security Benefits.

Hospitals are allowed to charge non-indigent patients based on the following rates:

· $18.00 charge for the first 5 pages of a medical record;

· .85 cents per page for pages 6-50;

· .60 cents per page for pages 51-250; and

· .35 cents per page for each page after 250 pages.

(Tennessee Code Annotated Section 63-2-102.)

Doctors do not have a ‘no charge’ requirement from the State of Tennessee. Doctors may charge patients at the following rates:

· $20.00 for 5 or fewer pages of medical records;

· .50 cents per page after the 5th page.

Additionally, the actual cost of mailing may be charged in addition to the copy charges. (Tennessee Code Annotated Section 63-2-102.)

Is there any relief for the cost of medical records in the future?

Maybe! In February of 2021 an act to amend the law relative to medical records, Senate Bill 066/House Bill 0558, would effectively reduce the charge that Hospitals and Doctors could charge to a maximum of $20.00. However, after passing the Senate, the bill is reported to have died in committee.

Please remember that this information is relevant only to Tennessee as of June 1, 2022.

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