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I’m Disabled, What About My Student Loan Debt?

The Biden administration is putting forth plans that will make it easier for your student loans to be forgiven in the future if you are determined to be disabled by the Social Security Administration (SSA). These changes could take effect as soon as June 2023. Under the proposed changes if you are found disabled by SSA then your student loans may be forgiven.

Now, why is it “may” be forgiven and not “will” be forgiven? Well, that is because there are several types of student loans and, without going into every type of student loan, as a general rule student loan forgiveness would apply to Federal Student loans but not Private Student loans. To find out what type of student loan or loans you have, you can go to .

What is the disability student loan forgiveness program now? Presently, Federal Student Loans may be forgiven if you are found by SSA to be disabled and are given a 5-7 year review period or your Medical Improvement is Not Expected. Personally, I know of someone who suffered from the terminal disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, and SSA did not give him a 5-7 year review period. Therefore, the Department of Education did not forgive his Federal Student Loan. Ultimately the Department of Education did allow him loan forbearance (he did not have to pay his monthly payment) and the Federal Student Loan was forgiven upon his passing.

This new policy should rectify those types of situations. To find out more information about Total and Permanent Disability Forgiveness of Student Loan Debt you can go to .

Claim your Benefit. Claim your Life! Call Secure Disability Law for the help you need.

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