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COSTLY MISTAKE: Representing Yourself

We don't pretend that there are not some people who can represent themselves and win their cases. However, the likelihood of winning your Social Security Disability Claim without a seasoned attorney is a lot smaller.

You may ask what can attorney do that I can't do for myself? An attorney can:

  1. Make sure the Social Security Administration has all of your medical, vocational, and other relevant documentation to prove your case.

  2. Apply your personal situation to the complex Social Security regulations to make the best argument in support of your claim.

  3. Strategize and look for the possibility of re-opening previous filings you did not appeal. This could even result in more back benefits that you never knew you were entitled.

  4. Look for possible ways to expedite your hearing office decision.

  5. Make sure you get all of the benefits you are entitled.

While it seems like common knowledge, it is so important to seek advice when you are disabled. Our office is here to help you get the benefits you are entitled. We understand though there are reasons people don't hire an attorney. Such as:

  1. Not knowing if you really need one -- you do!

  2. Not knowing an attorney personally -- our office is family run and owned and would love to treat you as a part of our family.

  3. Not being sure you can trust an attorney -- trust is a vital part of any relationship, we would be honored to win over your trust as we fight for you to receive the benefits you deserve.

  4. Not thinking you can afford an attorney -- the Social Security Administration regulates what we get paid. You never have to pay any money up front, but only 25% of your back pay after you win. If we don't win you back pay along with your benefits, you own us no attorney fees.

There are many jokes about attorneys, most even funny to us! But a lawyer on your side will usually increase your chances of getting you awarded your benefits. You should at the very least contact us for some free advice. And if you do hire us, we promise to be a firm that will not only handle your case from start to finish, but will pay attention to you, be available to you, and return your calls promptly!

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