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COSTLY MISTAKE: Making Inconsistent Statements

Make sure you tell everyone the same facts! Your credibility as a patient and witness can make or break your Social Security Disability Claim. Your credibility is built upon many things including your age, educational background, employment history, medical records, criminal history, family history, and more. Consistency is key to creating a credible foundation for a winning Social Security Disability Claim, particularly that everything you have said before is consistent with what you say during your hearing. More often than not, your Social Security Disability case can rest on whether or not the administrative law judge believes you.

You should strive for consistency in all of your recorded statements to Social Security Administration personnel, your doctors, your employers, your friends, your family, your attorney, and the administrative law judge. This will build a strong foundation for the credibility of all of your complaints.

Inconsistent statements allow the administrative law judge to question the the credibility of your claim and ultimately deny your claim. This denial for inconsistency will make winning your claim much more difficult.

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